Today, The Miami Herald’s Editorial Board enthusiastically endorsed Dr. Barbara Sharief for Florida’s 20th Congressional District. 


“District 20 should send a representative to Congress who isn’t going to feed into the gridlock and bickering we’re tired of seeing on Capitol Hill… Sharief strikes the right balance between pushing for progressive ideas and compromise. Her experience in government and her appointments to the Association of Counties and other organizations have prepared her to assume a larger role as congresswoman,” writes the Miami Herald Editorial Board. 


“I have spent my entire life fighting for the most vulnerable in our community, from advocating for minimum wage workers to expanding health care benefits for seniors,” said Dr. Barbara Sharief. “There is too much at stake here in South Florida to slow our fight for change, and I’m proud to have my experience and vision for Florida 20 recognized by the Miami Herald.” 


Dr. Barbara Sharief is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 20th Congressional District. Barbara specializes in critical care and pediatrics and used her skills to open her own pediatric and adult homecare service, where she employs over 200 frontline heroes. Barbara has served as Broward County Commissioner for 11 years, and made history as not only Broward County’s first Black female mayor but also the first Black female President of the Florida Association of Counties. Barbara was born and raised in South Florida and has three beautiful daughters.

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