Dr. Barbara Sharief Condemns Republican Inactionr

MIRAMAR, FL—Today, Dr. Barbara Sharief, candidate for Florida’s 20th Congressional District, spoke out against Republican inaction in the face of soaring Covid infection rates throughout the state.

“In times of crisis, we need strong leadership at every level of government to protect our communities–but Republicans here seem more concerned with drawing a laugh from a crowd across the country than protecting lives here at home. As a Doctor of Nursing Practice, I have spent years fighting to save lives on the frontline–and that won’t stop if I am elected to serve in Congress,” said Dr. Barbara Sharief.

“We need more doctors and nurses in elected office who are able to lead from experience, guiding Florida safely out of the pandemic and back into prosperity. Today, I’m calling on Governor DeSantis to do what Floridians elected him to do and step up to protect our families, businesses, and communities with science backed Covid guidelines,” said Dr. Barbara Sharief.


Dr. Barbara Sharief is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 20th Congressional District. Barbara specializes in critical care and pediatrics and used her skills to open her own pediatric and adult homecare service, where she employs over 200 frontline heroes. Barbara has served as Broward County Commissioner for 11 years and made history as not only Broward County’s first black female Mayor but also the first black female President of the Florida Association of Counties. Barbara was born and raised in South Florida and has three beautiful daughters.